Quality at the right price: this is the aim of the service offered by Tecom Implantology to all its Clients.

The quality of the products of the Tecom Implantology compatible lines is absolutely comparable to the original, but at extremely competitive prices.

The quality standard is ensured firstly through the sample checks, carried out during production and performed according to a predefined protocol by the technical office, specific for each single item, through the use of dedicated equipment and made on measure for each of them.

From the check protocol performed by Tecom Implantology results a reject of the 0.1% in the batch produced and subsequently, also this 0.1% is intercepted through a series of controls dimensional, functional and aesthetic, performed on the 100% of the pieces.

In support of the batch is given a document fle that shows every inspected voice, the dates and signatures of the operators that performed them, in order to conduct inspections at any time and to satisfy all Clients’ information needs.

Tecom Implantology operates concrete facts, evidenced by the continued growth and the Clients' satisfaction, but also demonstrable facts, given the right to access to all documentation related to certifications, clinical investigation and audit reports issued by prestigious laboratories specialized in the field of implantology.

The quality is the constant of Tecom Implantology and is being pursued before the start of the production process, through a careful analysis of the project that allows an anticipative experimentation, in order to avoid the onset of problems during the production phase.

The titanium is the material used for producing the implants and the prosthetic parts. Thanks to its characteristics of nonmagnetic, poor heat conduction, low density, high resistance to corrosion and to chemical attack, the titanium ensures the top biocompatibility and osseointegration.

Depending the different needs and the various implants components, the grade of titanium used is from grade 2 up to grade 5. Here below the report of the chemical composition and the physical-mechanical characteristics:

The titanium used by Tecom is strictly certified for medical use, coming from U.S.A. and of the very top quality, as testified by the chemical and mechanical analysis certification.

The maximum attention is reserved to the precision coupling between implant and prosthetic part: in each piece, on the hexagon measure of the implant is guaranteed a 5 thousandths tolerance.

Even regarding the choice of surface treatments, the range of choice offered by Tecom Implantology is wide and rich of cutting-edge solutions.

The Tecom Implantology’s standard treatment is the SLA, made using a special abrasive mixture that minimizes the possibility of contamination of the implant surface, against a large increase in roughness of the surface. Whenever required, Tecom Implantology can supply every kind of surface treatment and, at the moment, some of them are covered by patent because absolutely innovative.

After the surface treatment, the decontamination procedure is made throught 13 washing in different acid solutions, specifically made for Tecom Implantology production.

The decontamination procedure ensures the perfect cleaning of the implant, as evidenced by the tests of cytotoxicity, XPS, cells adhesion, PCR, bioburden, apirogenicity, sterility, performed with the use of scanning electron microscope SEM. These tests are repeated every three months on all the production of the components.

The Tecom Implantology service is completed by the final packaging, internally made in a controlled decontamination room and by using tested components, confirmed and guaranteed for 5 years.

A wide availability of products and efficient delivery service close the loop that brings quality Tecom Implantology in the hands of the Clients, very quickly.

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