Compatible dental implants lines

The top quality of compatible implants lines, at the right price: Tecom Implantology.

Quality of Tecom Implantology compatible lines: absolutely comparable to the original. Prices: extremely competitive compared to the original.

The very high quality standard is ensured through a series of dimensional, functional and aesthetic controls, performed on the 100% of the pieces. As follow-through of each production batch, a file report document is issued. In this document are reported every controlled point, the date and the signature of the operator who made the control, in order to carry out checks at any time and for every need.

The production files are at total disposal of Tecom Implantology’s Clients, to satisfy any their need of consultation, as well for all the documents related to the certifications, the clinical investigations and the audit reports, released by prestigious analysis laboratories specialized in implantology.

Tecom Implantology operates concrete facts, testified by the continued growth and customer satisfaction, but above all demonstrable facts: to know the processes and to look over of the certificates and lab test whcih prove the high quality of products, read the sections in the TECHNICAL AREA.

In compliance with the guidelines laid out on January 25, 2010 by the Ministry of Health – General Directorate of Drugs and Medical Devices, access to the products area is reserved for healthcare professionals.

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